About Us


Ashley Adams

Just a little about myself! I am a mom of 5 amazing adventurous crazy kids.  I am a true hippy at heart and love living a natural lifestyle. I have studied herbal medicine for several years. This is a life long journey for me and am amazed at all the possibilities for herbs and our health. I also am a Reiki practitioner. I believe we are all made up of energy and can transform our lives by balancing our energy centers in our body. I really enjoy being outside, hiking, going to the beach and traveling. Trying to be as healthy and happy as  possible and helping as many people as I can along the way!  


The Crazy Kids

We are just a crazy bunch, we love too hard and never give up! The beach is our all time favorite place! Our goal is to one day open a store near the beach and live part of the year near blue waters and white sand!  


Our Journey

We started using these products ourselves for the sole reason to change our own lives, to become less exposed to toxic chemicals and better our health.  We personally make all of the products ourselves. We source only the best oils and additives, trying to keep most things organic and non gmo. All product info is listed on the page, we have nothing to hide!

A quick history of my journey!

This company was founded by:

Ashley Adams - Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner 

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012. That was a huge game changer for the entire family. We slowly started eating a more balanced healthy diet no breads, pastas, junk food (kids were not happy) but this become our new way of life! We have adapted very well! I started to question things more and more, why do these diseases happen, what triggers them etc. Daily toxin exposure and genetics!

I personally have always been very holistic, I do not get the flu shot for myself or my family. I am very adamant and ask tons of questions at the Doctor, we rarely use fever reducers, steroids or antibiotics. My father raised me to ask questions and do not always believe everything your told or read. Do your homework and be aware of what your body is telling you.

My mother became very ill in 2012 the same time I found out I had celiac she had also found out she had celiac. At this time the disease had began to deteriorate her body. Celiac untreated can cause a long list of issues included undernourishment, mental illness, a feeling of always being sick and can even lead to death. My mother battled with several mental diseases, blood pressure issues, severe anemia, chronic phenomena that almost never went away. She was always on medications, in and out of the hospital beginning back in 2000. She suffered for years due to an improper diet and no diagnosis of her disease. The drugs she took where only killing her faster. She went through some very invasive treatments, lots a toe, was in several drug induced comas and on antibiotics for almost a year straight in 2014. My mother passed away June 2015. I have no doubt in my mind the drugs she was pumped with over a 20 year period led to her early death at 47.

As I watched her slowly die I decided one thing for my family and myself. I will educate myself as much as I can to treat our illnesses in a natural way before converting to western medicine. 


~Remember there are always natural ways to do everything, don't believe everything you read and are told. Do your homework! You are your own advocate! Be a voice for your family! We are always personally here if you have any questions we would love to help. Shoot us an email and we will respond as fast as we can. Thank you for choosing our products, continue to check back for new items as they will be added as we perfect them.

Our mission

We love you!

We are a family owned and operated business located in Chapin, SC and Irmo, SC

We want to share our own personal herbal techniques and healing modalities with the world! 

Our Misson

We want to help you! 

Our mission is to help you better yourself by providing you with only 

the best herbal products you can buy and connect you with the best sources of healing naturally. 

Not all herbal products are made the same

We take special care to assure you are getting the best herbal products always. 

We hand craft most of our products personally, our product line is Magic Moon Apothecary  

Our CBD is the best on the market! Read more about it on the products page!